BENISTAR: Health and Retirement Plan

BenistarThe Company was established in 1978, it is a nationwide leader in installation, design, and administration of 65 group retiree medical benefits. The company focuses on the administration of the retiree prescription drug plans and medical. They work with the different consultants for them to provide the medical and prescription drug solution of the retirees for organizations and companies nationwide like in:

• Educational Organization
• Labor Unions
• City and County Government Entities
• Publicly and private-held companies
• Religious Organization

Benistar is a company that provides a health and retirement plan to those retirees in the state; they also administer more than 400 plan sponsors throughout United States. They also give more than $100 million premiums annually.

Benistar focuses on their three services for the retiree;

• Consulting and Administration
In this service, Benistar provides the creative and cost-effective benefits for the retiree to meet the unique expectation of the individual plan of different sponsors. Their benefit-consulting professional focuses their services specifically to the post-65 prescription drug plan and medical. In this, they analyzed to the retiree the current program and they identify the best strategies for them to improve more the program.

• Prescribe Drug Solution
These drug plans are for Employer Group Waiver Plans, it focuses on the Medicaid and Medicare services

• Medical Benefits of the Group Retiree

BenistarThe medical retiree plans will help to pay for cost recognize. The plan is focused on the prescription drug plan administration and medical. Their customer service representative make sure to their client that they have the expertise in the Medicare rules and to the regulation and their members and sponsors will assure that they will experience a smooth plan for them. They make sure that starting from the implementation process that they make it easy to benefits their client. The retiree also assure that their customer service will help them in solving problems of competition. They make sure that they will not leave alone the retiree in times of trouble but assuring them that Benistar will assist them in calling carriers or the third-party vendors until they resolved the problem. Because the company is focused on the prescription drug programs and medical, they have the expertise and knowledge in answering questions and solving issues regarding the Medicare environment.

Benistar is the company that has plan analysis and they recommend solutions to the retiree. This Kind of company is a big help to those retiree who wants to ensure their life. Their plan is in the good hands of Benistar services. They make sure that their client is rendering a good service.

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